I am an Economic Historian with interest in Economic Theory and Industrial Organization.

My thesis was centered on traditional irrigation communities in Murcia, Spain. Some of the towns in Murcia used auctions to allocate the water from the river while most others allocated the water through fixed quotas. I recovered auction data and estimated water demand, to assess the efficiency of each system. I also work on diverse areas  such as auction theory, mechanism design and political economy.

Some of my recent projects include the study of inequality over the very long run, the long persistence of superstitions and religious beliefs and water allocation in California.

See our article, “Are Water Markets Liquid? Evidence form Southeastern Spain,” featured in Europe Now.

Classical Measurement Error

Old Auction Room in Mula

Plots bought by LA 1904-1934

The East half of the East half, and the East half of the West half...
Data card in the Bishop LADWP

Worldwide Rituals for Rain

Repartimiento Murcia

Murcia Orchards